Sunday, August 9, 2015

Groovy Galore Poppy Parker

Groovy Galore Poppy Parker
by Integrity Toys
2015 W Club Upgrade Doll

I totally needed to update this blog! I haven't stopped collecting dolls. Life has just been a bit hectic. Here's Groovy Galore Poppy Parker looking groovy no more. She was originally wearing such a psychedelic looking dress that I wasn't too fond it. It seemed like something more suited for a Francie doll. I can appreciate her better out of that dress. I think she makes an awesome Grecian goddess with that pretty face!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lead Singles Lilith

Lilith from the FR NU Face Lead Singles Gift Set 2012
by Integrity Toys

Although I have a crap load more Poppy Parker dolls, this was the face that actually suckered me into the wonderful world of Integrity Toys. My first IT doll was Eden, who is identical in face sculpt with her twin doll, Lilith. They just vary in hair colors and such. I was hoping to see more of the twins during the last W Club unveiling in May. They haven't been seen in a few years. Alas, the wait continues.

This particular doll has had her little trip to Hong Kong at some point to get her face redone by IT because she was suffering from some kind of skin disease when she first got to me. But she's all better now! And she has currently stolen the FR 'Exquisite' Monogram doll's outfit. I thought she looked really cute with those flowers on her hair.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Remembering the Silkstone Barbies of Ye Olden Days

Lingerie #5 Barbie doll
Barbie Fashion Model Collection
by Mattel 2002

With all the talk in the doll boards of the dwindling quality in Mattel's supposed premium line of silkstone dolls, the BFMC, it got me reminiscing their glory days in my doll family. I wasn't actually a collector when they were first released in the year 2000 since I was still in school and completely broke. I don't think I caught up to the hype until 2005 and even then my internet purchases were minimal.

I decided to give Lingerie #5 the spotlight for this post because she was the first one I remember seeing when I was browsing collector edition Barbie dolls on line...And I thought, "wow, I want that one!" She looked super sassy yet somewhat demure. She's still actually one of my faves too! Being a child who grew up with the superstar era of Barbie dolls with toothy grins and frilly dresses, the lingerie beauty was a refreshing change and definitely captured my attention. Suddenly my Princesses of the World Barbie dolls looked a little childish (still love them though!).

from left to right: Lingerie #3 (2001) and Lingerie #5 (2002)

When I did eventually get my hands on a silkstone doll, I was hooked big time and scoured the internet for older editions. I managed to snag Lingerie #3-#6 eventually. Weirdly enough, I didn't really care much for the first two that were ever released. 

I really enjoyed having these dolls in my collection. But like all good things, their glorious days waned when, I, myself noticed some changes in their quality in the last few years. I haven't played with them much since I was royally annoyed by a couple of silkstone doll returns that I had to make years ago. Apparently, their decline in quality continues in 2015...And so, I reminisce the good ole days...The good ole days makes one hope for the impressive return of the BFMC one day...minus the big heads, the thunder legs, the velcro closures and those hideous eye paints!

Happy Thursday!