Sunday, September 14, 2014

Not Normally My Cup of Tea...

MFD Exclusive
Exquisite Monogram doll
by Integrity Toys

She's one of those super sassy looking FR dolls that wouldn't normally grace my collection.  I got her as a bonus from hoarding dolls aplenty from my doll dealer in 2011.  In fact when I say dolls aplenty, I mean dolls aplenty that I haven't yet quite caught up in opening some of the dolls I've gotten that year.

I'm going through the doll boxes super slowly and finally got to the Exquisite Monogram the other week.  Surprisingly delighted by what I released from a doll box prison, she is as her namesake says, exquisite.

I'm a huge fan of her gold embroidered gown.  And the color of the skirt is such a beautiful intense  shade of blue.  Not sure I'm loving the blonde though.  I feel like she's all skirt and no face, despite the big bulbs of flowers on her head.  The doll itself is getting lost on the gold and blue of her dress whereas darker hair color might have made her stand out a bit.  I think black hair on this doll would have made her slightly more exotic too.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

Miniature Monday #48: Kitchen Celebration

Skipper 50th Anniversary doll
and Living Fluff
by Mattel

I had always thought that the Kenmore Kitchen Playset was super cool.  I've seen some really awesome pics of dolls hanging around this modern doll kitchen set on the web.  Never felt the need for it even though I wanted one.

As fate would have it, I found a similar set at a local asian mall that my sister insisted on visiting just a couple of days ago.  I was having one of those crappy days and finding this playset made my afternoon.  I didn't even mind that it is pink...Although I might eventually have to repaint it.  Some of my dolls are too posh to pose in front of Hello Kitty stickered things.

I actually bought three sets to complete this look.  So now I have two extra ovens,  which lights up and makes a weird sizzling sound, by the way.  They came with lots of accessories too, from pots, pans, fruits, milk carton and even a toaster.  Not of the greatest quality that Rement miniatures have but certainly serves its purpose for nice doll photo backgrounds.  And because of it's cutesy Hello Kitty theme, I thought about my latest doll acquisition, Skipper and her impending 50th birthday celebration.

Happy Monday!